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The Cigar Guys

Add the Pleasure of Cigars to Your Next Party or Event!


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NEW!  The Cigar Guys are pleased to announce our newest division, The Cigar Guys Custom Cakery!  Please click on our Cakery page to find out more and see some of our amazing creations!  Perfect for your next Corporate Event (include your company logo!), Birthday Party, Private Events, Poker Tournaments, Bachelor Parties, Casino Nights, any event where folks are having a good time (oh and don't forget the cigars!)

Cigars are a great way to set your event or party apart!  Corporate Events, Weddings and Private Events all make the perfect occasion to have a Live Cigar Roller or Cigar Bar for your guest!  Always entertaining, The Cigar Guys have an off-hand way of making cigars fun and exciting for your guest!

We  can also provide cigars, cigar rollers and cigar servers for poker  tournaments, golf tournaments, excursions, grand openings and outings.   Ever want to host a wine, scotch or vodka tasting with cigars?   We can assist you there as well!

If you've  never been to a party with cigars being rolled, they really provide a  great experience for your guests, as well as an excellent finished  product.

Do you own an event or wedding planning business?

The  Cigar Guys are happy to work with you to help provide cigars, cigar  servers and cigar rollers for your clients. We've worked with hundreds of event planners and we realize it's our responsibility to make you look good.  We take it seriously. We can help you add another facet to your  business.  


Los Angeles, CA;  Orange County,  CA;  California Central Coast;  Denver, CO; Philadelphia, PA;   Austin, TX;   Atlanta, GA;  New York (Manhattan);  New Jersey